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This is an extremely useful app. I tried pretty much every application I could find on Google play and all of them are scams; ... DiskDigger Pro file recovery Defiant Technologies, LLC $2.99 Undelete and recover your lost or deleted files with DiskDigger!

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DiskDigger是一款檔案恢復工具,可從任何媒介中恢複被誤刪除的各式檔案,例如:文檔、圖檔、影音檔;可掃瞄包含已損壞的扇區及已格式化的硬碟,以利徹底追蹤檔案救回的可能性。 可從硬碟、記憶卡、USB隨身碟……等儲存媒介中救回被誤刪除的檔案。 ...

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