Rainlendar 2.14.3 Beta 158


Rainlendar 2.14.3 Beta 158


Fixed the status icons in the tray.
Performance improvements when having thousands of events.
Local ICS file reading and writing is threaded.
Authentication to 3rd party services uses the default browser instead the embedded browser.
Outlook birthdays were sometimes shown in incorrect day.
Events automatically created from gmail are marked as read-only.
Google Calendar events with everyoneDeclinedDismissed property are ignored.
Old events are not cleared before they are updated after power resume.
Added more quit-checks while reading the events to make the application quit faster.

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Rainlendar 2.14.2


Exclude calendar filter did not work correctly.
Recurring events could show one extra event.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.14.2

Rainlendar 2.14.1


We don''t have any change log information yet for version 2.14.1 of Rainlendar. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

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版本下載:Rainlendar 2.14.1

Rainlendar 2.14


Fixed windows menu when using app indicator.
iCal recurring events are shown as read only single instances.
New editor window is not opened anymore if the user edits the same event twice.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.14

Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 154


Rainlendar is a customizable calendar that displays the current month. It is a very lightweight application that doesn't use much system resources or take much space on your desktop.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Different type events can have different appearence
  • Supports Windows transparency
  • Synchronizes events between several clients
  • Localized for multiple languages
  • Shows an alarm when an event is due
  • Supports iCal files.
  • Shows Outlook's appointments
  • Includes a todo-list
  • Works also as Litestep plugin
  • Displays the current date in tray icon
  • Can stick to the desktop (i.e. doesn't hide with Show Desktop)
  • Hotkeys for quick access
  • Easy skinning with an UI

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 154

Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 152

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 152

Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 151


Todo date controls were set to year 2001 on Mac.
Dock icon did not show the correct date on Mac.
Skin did not use correct language if Traditional Chinese was selected.
The alarm window has a max height and can be resized horizontally.
Normal tooltips are disabled in Windows 7.
Modifying event on yandex.ru's CalDAV calendar gave 500 error.
Snooze menu shows the target time.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 151

Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 150


# Changes:
- Timezones are matched by the tzid instead the location.
- Alarm would sometimes show incorrect target if the event had multiple alarms.
- Rainlendar could sometimes crash when it refreshed the events and tasks after the computer resumed from sleep.
- Fixed the crash problem in macOS Sierra.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 150

Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 149


- Added VC 2015 runtime to the installer.
- Fixed offset problems with context menu and generic list item.
- Custom categories did not work when the Shadow4 was in large mode.
- Events with active alarms remain in the event list.
- Alarm can be dismissed from the event list.
- Added option to show Rainlendar in the Windows taskbar
- Google Calendar supports now custom audio files
- Added snooze menu and large versions for Savannah and Chromophore# Changes:
- Fixed offset problems with context menu and generic list item.
- Custom categories did not work when the Shadow4 was in large mode.
- Events with active alarms remain in the event list.
- Alarm can be dismissed from the event list.
- Added option to show Rainlendar in the Windows taskbar
- Google Calendar supports now custom audio files
- Added snooze menu and large versions for Savannah and Chromophore

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 149

Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 148


# Changes:
* Alarms were not sometimes immediately removed from the alarm window after the due date was changed.
* Timezone in the calendar file was not converted correctly to the target zone so Rainlendar sometimes showed incorrect times for events.
* Buttons remained in the options dialog if the tab was changed from the calendars when something was selected in the list.
* Added "Click through" to the window settings dialog
* Edit control was shown for hidden windows if shown from a lua script.
* Dialogs are set to topmost too if the calendar window position is topmost.
* Outlook.com events are read for the next 4 months (which is the server's limit).
* Added option to fade all windows at once with mouse over.
* Some foreign characters were not read correctly from the iCalendar files.
* Refreshing windows that are "On bottom" should not open them on top anymore.
* Mac iCal events were sometimes shown incorretly as daily instead yearly.
* On right edge the tooltip was opened downwards even though there were more room at the top of the screen.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.14 Beta 148

Rainlendar 2.13.1


- Weekly recurring tasks did not show due date correctly if the interval was greater than 1.
- '!'-char broke the links.
- Using %W in time items moved the time to the first day of the week.
- The current language is now stored as a string to settings so that it doesn't accidentally change when upgrading to new version.
- The tooltip is opened always upwards if there is more room.
- Changing months from keyboard works only if no modifiers (shift, alt, control) are down.
- Added check to prevent redraw loop in task and event lists.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.13.1

Rainlendar 2.13


- Updated build-in languages
- The editor shows the time zone if the event uses different than the calendar.
- Outlook calendar preserves the custom MAPI library path when settings are changed.
- Event and todo editor shows indetermine checkbox for "private" if the calendar doesn't define the value.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.13

Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 145


# Changes:
- Added advanced option to prevent the alarm from showing if there is a fullscreen window in front.
- The text edit controls were not hidden with the window.
- Double click on the empty text in event list opens now the editor.
- Rightmost column in the schedule was cut by the scrollbar.
- Math parsing failed on some locales when using '.' as the decimal separator.
- Event duration affects the priority of the appearance. I.e shorter events are drawn on top of longer ones.
- Completed date was not saved to non-recurring tasks.
- Manager did not show monthly recurring events correctly in current and upcoming views.
- Moving read-only events or tasks in the manager are copied instead.
- Vertical schedule calendar showed the events in incorrect locations.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 145

Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 144


- Manager showed "Dismiss next alarm" menu item for already dismissed alarms.
- Network shared calendar failed to upload the events if the server redirected the request.
- A changed single instance of a recurring Outlook event did not shown correct time
- Added "resizemargin" setting for the xml format skins.
- The link button got hidden when the list window was resized.
- Mac iCal showed yearly recurring events as daily recurring on Yosemite.
- "disableCookies"-setting (in rainlendar2.ini) can be used to disable the authentication cookies in CalDAV.
- Added "Default event duration" setting to the advanced settings.
- Manager's task list shows the subtasks as indended.
- The alarm file can contain "[summary]"-text which gets replaced with the event's summary. "[id]" is replaced with the event id.
- Subscribed Google calendars are automatically set to read-only if the user does not have write permissions.
- Added option to ignore the private events on Google Calendar.
- Copying events from Google Calendar to local did not work.
- The Rainlendar_ShowMenu() supports icons and checkmarks in the menu items.
- A missing settings file can be automatically restored from the latest backup file.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 144

Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 143


- When windows are shown they are also brought to front.
- Alarm showed start and end time also for all day events.
- Toodledo tokens are shared between calendars.
- Added (limited) support for Outlook.com online calendar.
- Creating new events to CalDAV sometimes wrote them to incorrect folder.
- Linked windows did not reposition when the other window content changed.
- The manager shows the next alarm in the tooltip.
- It's possible to filter only the active alarms in the manager.
- The next alarm can be dismissed from the manager's context menu for the alarm icon.
- Unicode characters in JSON replies (e.g. with Google Calendar) were not always decoded correctly.
- The time zone is not added to single events on Google Calendar if calendar uses local time.
- Collapsing a task brought its subtasks to root.
- Sidebar window draw the event and list items behind the background image.

版本下載:Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 143