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PowerArchiver 18.02.02


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PowerArchiver 18.01.05


** New Feature
* [PA-1778] - sfx wizard: add do not store paths option
* [PA-2099] - 19.1: Private Mode

** Improvement
* [PA-2244] - log window half white in encrypt/decrypt blue whale skin
* [PA-2249] - Can Save to Cloud button have a cloud config drodpdown?
* [PA-1901] - opening folder with 40k files stalls until we change tab

** Bug
* [PA-2263] - when we start PA in backup or ftp mode, file list columns have …
* [PA-2024] - win10: layout button still showing tile and thumbnails
* [PA-2108] - Password policies text in Encrypt Tool is not readable in modern look dark skins
* [PA-2109] - White field in dark skin - Re Enter password in Encrypt Tool
* [PA-2136] - FTP quick connect icon in Modern w10 skin is white
* [PA-2243] - No font size options in Preview window and cannot type in double digit font size
* [PA-2255] - installing new version, associate window pops up after PA start
* [PA-2260] - Missing subtext in Burner progress window
* [PA-2261] - Align burner progress bar(green) width with the log window below
* [PA-2262] - Small Audio Burner dialog issues
* [PA-2265] - Actions button changes to Checkout button after archive opened
* [PA-2268] - PGP Key selection dialog does not look correctly in Modern W10
* [PA-2269] - Add OpenPGP Manager to Encrypt button dropdown
* [PA-2272] - Change Optimizes compression in Tools to SmartAI
* [PA-2273] - Select Files/Folders dialog not translated to Int languages
* [PA-2274] - Burner speed text needs more space in Backup app

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.01.05

PowerArchiver 18.01.04


UAC elevation for rar, 7z, pa and all other formats – New way for UAC elevation, works with all formats available in PowerArchiver.
Usability improvement in archive with single folder – Auto open first level in folder treeview when archive is opened.
Better settings saving for 7z – Save last used encryption settings for 7z format.
Usability improvement in Shell config – Ability to move Compress w Options to shell submenu.
Modern: preview toolbar missing – Fix for specific instances when the preview toolbar was missing in Modern interface.
CMD switch for starting PA in archive mode – Powerarc -archive test.zip should open archive in archive mode.
Updated Translations – Updated Dutch and Korean translations.
Encrypt tool improvement – Make “My Documents” the default folder for Browse button in Office/PDF encrypt(decrypt) tools.
Backup Improvements – Update New Backup script save dialog with better wording.
7z encryption fixes – 7z not encrypting filenames in encrypt tool is now fixed.
Password Manager improvement – Encrypt Tool saving password after archive creation added as part of PPM when enabled.
Advanced Add window changes – Remove zip archives from treeview in advanced add window.
ZIPX support improved – Better support for encrypted zipx (jpeg codec and AES encryption).
Other Improvements and Fixes – Various smaller fixes/improvements and translation updates. More than 15 issues have been closed.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.01.04

PowerArchiver 18.00.58


Add/improve keyboard functions for file/tab handling inside PA.
Update hebrew translation sent 6/20.
Publish cmd switches for PA startup in different modes (archive, explorer, etc).
Update dutch translation sent 6/25.
HLKM information stays after uninstall.
Backup: Create Solid Archive checkmark text does not show completely.
Backup: 7Z and PA formats do not work - compresses into 0kb files.
Mousewheel up over tab in PA creates a new tab.
Backup: align file size text to the right.
Backup: checking “Save relative folder info” creates corrupt archive due to incorrect paths.
PA format throws nag screen in Toolbox.
Deflate64 checkbox unchecked when restarting Config.
Deflate64 checkbox does not appear in Add window properly when it is to appear by MRU.
Portable: AES encrypted files not extracting properly.
tar.gz file asks for UAC even when not needed.
Join Tool creates 0kb archives for Zip format.
Fixes and small Improvements
Keyboard shortcuts for handling tabs:
Ctrl+w-> Close tab.
Ctrl+t-> Create tab,
Ctrl+Tab-> Focus on forward tab.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab-> Focus on previous tab,
Ctrl+1-> Focus on 1st tab, Ctrl+9-> Focus on last tab, Ctrl+2~8-> Focus on 2~8th tab.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.58

PowerArchiver 18.00.57


Fixes issue with UNC file paths and ZIP engine as well as improve default settings in Windows XP.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.57

PowerArchiver 18.00.56


Remove office icons text from Skins dropdown in menu.
Cloud missing from modern interface.
Increase padding in file list to compensate for text growing under high dpi.
Improve shortcuts in modern interface - update shortcut letters.
Password Manager should ask to save passwords during encryption as well.
Define default icon set for each skin with office icons set for lighter skins.
Add OpenPGP Key Manager to tools menu in Modern UI.
Favorites button in Add screen - keep Edit always on top.
Backup: Change Create to new in Backup Menu.
Backup: make Configure clouds button unavailable when Sent to Cloud not checked.
Change position of reset/set as default in make sfx.
Modern ui: alt+enter show properties like in classic.
Clarify in help file how to force classic interface for enterprise users.
Associate .SGN files with PA.
New Feature:
Modern UI: Add Desktop, Documents, Downloads and Pictures to the Extract button drop-down.
New tabs do not show files on HDD when selected to show in View options.
Remove saved password button does not remove - Remove All works.
List view does not show folders properly when moving from folder to folder.
Encrypt Tool adds file extension to suffix but it shouldn't.
Delete FTP profile does not work in FTP quick connect.
18.00.53 License without codec pack - PA format works.
Shell: set as default in make exe does not save setting.
Explorer View is always Large Icons after restarting PA.
In .55 - error writing to file when compressing mp3 into PA format.
explorer view: zips open in both left and right panel.
Archives should open in new tab when opening them in explorer view.
Portable - Toolbox registers as PRO - Burner tab missing in Toolbox version.
Importing PSF2 skin does not work when in modern interface.
Closing empty tab destroys folder view treeview in other tabs.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.56

PowerArchiver 18.00.53


Ability to save SFX options – We have made it possible to save SFX Wizard and Make SFX options, so you can always use same options when creating your SFX archives (includes all of the options).
Improved Advanced Codec Pack – Improved wav compression at extreme/ultra setting, while minimizing memory use.
Improved Virtual Drive – Improved Virtual Drive behavior through right click shell extensions.
Fix for file-list filters – Fixed issue where file-list filters did not work properly (Add Window, Backup).
Improved Favorites window – Favorites window will now remember column sizes.
Added support for .scs files – added support for handling .scs files via shell extensions.
Improved support for profiles in Converter and Batch tools – Improved support for profiles in Converter and Batch tools.
Many smaller interface improvements – support for ctrl+l in modern interface, adjustments for some icons, new nag screen,.
Built-in help files for MSI installations – Enterprise installations now have the help files built-in, no extra work required anymore.
Other Improvements and Fixes – Various smaller fixes/improvements, translation updates.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.53

PowerArchiver 18.00.48


.pa format: lepton and lepton2 update.
.pa format: add rep1 to the wav compression step.
config: skin listing has & in name.
Office icons shown twice in config: interface skin selection.
First config screen text cut off.
Unknown Button in customize classic toolbar menu.
Pasting in explorer mode via CTRL + V pastes twice.
Modern toolbar: changing option in config, PA restarts in classic toolbar.
PA resets to Classic with Office icons every time config options are changed and OK’d in Modern interface.
Highlight Archives color is always white.
Modern Toolbar is cut off in Windows 7/8 when starting PA maximized.
Find Archives progress text does not appear correctly.
Password policies length goes into negatives in config settings.
Modern ribbon APPDATE information creates folder with bad name.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.48

PowerArchiver 18.00.46


Modern/Ribbon GUI.
Optimized Classic UI with full skinning support.
New ZIP engine, stronger with unlimited core/thread support.
Internal, fully independent PDF Viewer.
Multiple tabs support.
Advanced Codec Pack (.pa) – Improved.
Many other updates and improvements:
SecureFTP Improvements – SecureFTP client has been thoroughly updated for more reliable performance and nicer icons.
Backup, Burner, Encryption Improvements – Various small changes, enhancements to the Backup, Burner and Encryption suites.
New open/save windows – Now using more modern Windows 10 Open/Save windows that allow for easier searching for files/folders.
Usability improvements everywhere – Added filters to the Add window, Favorite folders can be defined and accessed through various Add/Extract windows.
Join Tool – Added Join tool that will merge several archives into one.
Added Deflate64 compression to the ZIP engine, for slightly stronger compression.
Various improvements to compression engines – based on user feedback, improved reading of various submitted archives
Improved Portable version – Improved portable version, both x86 and x64 available. No need for installation, super fast startup and many tools in one simple to use portable package. Requires no installation, saves all settings and even has support for shell extensions (unique).
Smoother installation and updates system. Update patches can be as low as 300 kB.
Great 64-bit version used by default via single installer, recommended by default and used by most users. Improved support for older 32-bit systems such as Windows XP and 32-bit Windows 7.
Hundreds of other smaller improvements and changes, based on user feedback.
Improved Enterprise installations (.MSI) – now package offline help file inside, without need to install it separately anymore.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.46

PowerArchiver 18.00.46 RC3


Portable: use office icons in modern for rest of the interface.
Separation line showing in toolbar for unregistered PA.
Fix & showing in backup (&online) in german translation
Add ability to paste into ftp connection fields
Return of the yellow icon for main PA and shell to mark “gold” release of 2018
Patchbeam improvement: use both full and patch updates, depending on version user has.
Updated images for first config window.
Update translations to latest versions.
Updated translation files (.pas).
Check ftp timeout and startup folder.
FTP does not connect when manually inputing protocols over profile settings.
Specific zipx profile does not work.
Converting encrypted PA archives does not work.
French version: Text does not fit in buttons in nag and registration screen.
Troubleshoot online activation on certain computers.
Copy and paste via keyboard (ctrl+c/v) do not work in modern toolbar interface.
.pa format: compatibility between 2017 and 2018 jpeg compression.
Modern ui: ctrl+c, ctrl+v do not work in archive mode.
PowerArchiver 2017 still shows in start menu after updating to 2018 (Windows 7 and before).
Online/offline registration in internal build .44.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.46 RC3

PowerArchiver 18.00.43 RC2


Add “office” skin icon for folders in folders bar.
Modern ui: explorer mode does not stay in modern if we restart PA.
Disable 2nd row for left panel toolbar in explorer mode.
New icon for backup mode (office skin).
No start button in Virtual Drive >DVD to ISO.
Image burner throws AV error on Burn button when no drive.
2018 - DVD to ISO is not showing DVD drive - in VD app.
Burner: AVs with wrong settings.
Text missing in virtual drive (…restart).
Explorer mode: left panel toolbar icons dissapear during resize.
VD: create drive on restart text incomplete.
Progress text hidden in extract progress bar when using skins.
Portable: Paburntools not registered.
Portable and Main PA versions use the same settings.
If we turn on “use explorer only inside archive” with folders bar, it leaves folders bar populated with folders (instead of empty).
Turn off “use explorer only in archives” and main listview does not update with contents of the hdd, only folders bar.
Modern changes to Classic when changing from burner tab down to Explorer tab.
More updates to the FTP Client.
New Portable installation, first for PA 2018.
Fix for Dvd to Iso functionality
Modern UI improved.
Start of Patchbeam Updates (full installer not needed every time).
Other smaller changes and updates.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.43 RC2

PowerArchiver 18.00.37 RC1


Major updates to the Modern/Ribbon UI – New set of Office icons for Modern/Ribbon UI. The new office icons provide a more pleasing visual experience, better than our old Windows 10 style icons, and are able to scale with various large dpi settings. New File menu as well as other changes and enhancements.
Improved PDF previewer – Internal PDF previewer now works better with keyboard commands, scales better when you resize the preview window and is a much smoother experience.
Reworked Secure FTP client internals – Improved our Secure FTP client when handling multiple files. Many smaller interface issues fixed.
File wiping works when moving files to archive – Now file wipe method is applied when moving files to archive (option for ZIP format, Add window). File Wipe settings can be set in the Configuration> Security options window.
Deflate64 checkbox in Ultra/Extreme modes – Added Deflate64 checkbox in ZIP> Ultra/Extreme modes. You can now disable Deflate64 and still use stronger ZIP compression modes.
Updated Explorer engine – We have updated our Explorer engine that displays the contents of the hard drives inside PowerArchiver. This update solves some of the issues when there are many files present in the folder, as well a fix for using the first letter(keyboard) to jump to filename.
Better support for ZIP container formats – Added the ability to add and update ZIP container formats such as .jar, .war, etc., and keep the original container format.
Other Improvements and Fixes – Various fixes/improvements, updated icons, updated translations.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.37 RC1

PowerArchiver 18.00.32 Beta


Add new tab option to new button dropdown.
Add dots to folder button in locations config.
Set minimum size for favorites folder, move options button one pixel to the left.
Explorer mode: files and folders mixed up.
Multiple checkboxes with checked state in ftp protocol dropdown.
Aligment issue in about box.
Right align proxy info.
Button overlap in Favorites dialog when window size reduced.
Browse buttons in config missing “…”.

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.32 Beta

PowerArchiver 18.00.31 Beta


PowerArchiver offers hundreds of features, yet remains easy to use, small and fast. Novice users will find a familiar interface complete with tutorial and detailed help, while more experienced users can take advantage of full Explorer integration, multiple encryption methods and advanced compression algorithms.

Here is a brief list of some of the key features found in PowerArchiver:

  • Preview Window
  • Full Windows Vista Support
  • Superior ZIP Support
  • 7-Zip Compression
  • Multiple Formats Support Including ISO
  • New Queue System (Add/Extract/Backup) and PowerArchiver Starter
  • Unmatched Security
  • Automated Backups
  • Guaranteed Compatibility and Explorer Integration
  • Compression Profiles
  • Useful Tools

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.31 Beta

PowerArchiver 18.00.29 Beta

版本下載:PowerArchiver 18.00.29 Beta