Light Alloy

Light Alloy 4.10.1

Vortex Team

Light Alloy is a free multimedia player with a simple user interface. The application is highly customizable to suit your specific media requirements and Light Alloy has been optimized to boot as fast as possible, so it won''t consume lots of system resources.

Light Alloy has support for all popular multimedia formats and there are lots of advanced settings to allow you to customize it to suit whatever media you intend to play on it, whether that be short music videos or epic films.

Key Features Include:

  • Fast video rewind, load subtitles, minimize to tray, brightness/contrast/saturation control and infra-red remote control.
  • Light Alloy also supports multimedia keyboards and has support for DVD/Blu-ray (except for BD menus) and MKV/OGM/MP4 formats.
  • With Light Alloy you can make bookmarks in the list or the timeline, view a preview on the timeline and make a selection of audio tracks and subtitles in multilingual films.

Light Alloy has built-in video/audio codecs, support for custom codecs, full support for subtitles, WinLIRC support for remote control, configurable playback speed and aspect ratio alignment. You can also customize independent media settings for each file i.e. brightness, contrast, saturation, subtitle and volume.

檔案版本 Light Alloy 4.10.1
檔案名稱 LA_Setup_v4.10.1.exe
檔案大小 14.87MB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 免費軟體
更新日期 2017-05-15

Now if you trying to delete from playlist currently playing file -- playback will be stopped. Previously, it was impossible to delete playing file until you manually stop it.
Preferences->Interface->Appearance: remember panels state group of settings were rewritten, plus new options added. Hope now it makes more clear to use it for user.
Preferences->Interface->Appearance: tags for caption/playlist (actually - for caption, but playlist - as a side-effected) populated with 3 new tags - %R for playback rate, %Z for current zoom and %V for volume.
Preferences->Interface->Playlist: added Custom Hint option.
Preferences->Keyboard: added "Add URL to playlist" command under "Playlist" section. (also in Playlist popup, "+"'s button popup menu, and File's sub-menu in general popup menu).
Preferences->Mouse: added option "Zoom point follow mouse cursor, instead of video picture center".
Preferences->Playlist: "When in the same folder multiple files of a series are found..." -- added an "On demand, in any place" and "On demand, in beginning or end of playlist".
Preferences->Playlist: added option "Do not show delete files dialog (F8)".
Preferences->OSD->Info Line: added 3 tags - {ZOOM}, {VOLUME} and {PLAYBACKSPEED}.
Internet Radio Stations List: automatically select in table current playing radio station.
Media Settings: now it remembers & applies speed playback value for current file.
"Audio language by default" and "Subtitle language by default" settings now respect order in which they written, also added arrow buttons to let you easily change audio/language order.
Auto Seek window (Alt+E): now it automatically enters the current playing time into the HH/MM/SS edit boxes. This is useful if you want to jump to an exact location, for example: press Alt+E, change the entered time and click on "Jump to".
Preferences: removed gradient for Languages/Skins sections, some other small UI refinements.
Preferences->Interface: removed "Hidden by default" option for Control Panel.
Preferences->OSD: OSD duration and OSD information line duration now can be configured separatedly.
History's filter category titles now populated from language files.
Reworked Caption Ticker: now ticker appears only when you mouse over on caption.
OSD Info Line now always can be shown manually (i.e. by pressing "I" hotkey).
Internet Radio Stations List window: highlight only that column which is sorted by right now. Seems pretty.
Internal Radio Stations List window: show default sorting in table header.
Make mouse cursor do not appear while in fullscreen and mouse time out is set to 0. Some people find it handy against accidental mouse move and cursor appear as result.
"Video options" (Shift+V) dialog: shaders now works for madVR too.
When you zooming picture in/out, picture position no more dropped back to center, except when you pass 100% zoom (which is handier for picture fixation).
A lot of small refinements to code, clean ups and micro optimizations.
Preferences->Events: fixed that two options in "on playback end" group were not working [4.10.0 regression].
Preferences->OSD->Info line: fixed delayed update of preview window with reflected changes.
Preferences->Keyboard: fixed several issues with hotkeys reassigning, also right click on cell now properly select this cell.
Preferences->Sound->Radio: "minimize player on radio start" option did not worked as expected.
Multiple fixes to Internet Radio Stations List window: 1. Fixed paint of fixed (header) row 2. Adjustments to header font size and sort arrow position. 3. Sorting by "#" wasn't working.
External Playlist: fixed that when file delete - internal playlist content and player caption was not updated, also fixed several other issues (delete file was broken, adding files were not displayed sometimes, and so on...).
Extended open dialog: fixed flickering.
Speed play button: different reaction when you click it via mouse or using hotkey.
File History: fixed bug with "Played" column (sometimes displayed particular time instead of % summary), and now Size column display size in gigabytes too.
Skin System: positioning window by center was performed incorrectly if skin's minimal size was higher than default size.
Fixed crash that happened from time to time when you close player.
Fixed crash when trying to play some radio stations.
Fixes and stabilizations to playlist duration refresher component, sometimes it could crash player due to simultaneous access to MediaInfo component.
Fixed issue with playlist duration refresher when duration was not updated in playlist for some files.
Playback status and player controls on taskbar were not working for some Windows 10 users.
Fixed that some YouTube-links were not working.
When using some options it was impossible to return from fullscreen mode to windowed.
ASX playlists loading was broken.
Fixed crash that can happen on player exit, when in radio mode and playlist was empty.
"Show file location" (Ctrl+F) didn't worked correctly when playlist was closed & no file was playing.
Fixed issues with energy saving mode when monitor was suddenly turned off while playing.
Fixed issues with cover scaling in audio mode.
Disabled Aero detection mechanism for Windows 7 was broken, as result it produced some unexpected visual glitches when you go out from fullscreen. [4.10.0 regression].
Fixed incorrect hint for Scheduler button. [4.10.0 regression].
Some other less noticeable fixes and changes.
Video Engine:
Enhancements to file change notification system for subtitles: now it can watch for multiple subtitles, plus a few issues were fixed.
Codecs compiled with newest GCC 7.1.0.
Shaders were broken [4.10.0 regression].
Fixed OSD premature disappearing.
Install System:
Installer: from now default install path is C:<User>AppDataLocalLightAlloy, instead of "Program Files (x86)". But if Light Alloy is already installed, the installer will use the existing path as default install path.

作者 Vortex Team
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