GOM Player

GOM Player


GOM Player 是一套裝有影片播放所需的轉碼工具的播放程式,它佔用的系統資源極少,並且擁有非常好的的影片播放品質,可以讓您播放多種您常用的影片格式。

  • 具有自動查找解碼功能,支援DVD/VCD/RM/ASF/WMV/MOV/AVI等格式的影片
  • 支援攝影機,數位相機及手機拍攝的影片檔
  • 支援播放BT或P2P站接收的損壞文件
  • 可將想截取的影片畫面可以儲存為圖像
  • 可任意調整播放的畫面比率

檔案版本 GOM Player
檔案大小 22.47MB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 免費軟體
更新日期 2018-05-23

Improvement of function:
Corrected to reflect a ratio setting when capturing current screen.
Added a time limit setting for Animation GIF.
Extended format for capture support.
Improved Vorbis playback.
Improved stop phenomenon at double speed playback.
VOC and bug fixes:
Corrected an error of export / import motion in bookmark.
Corrected maximum value of subtitle sync interval setting. 1.0 seconds >> 10.0 seconds.
Improved subtitle display.
Corrected a problem that gallery subtitles were not included.
Improved subtitle file saving function during playback.
Corrected a problem that certain content could not obtain playback time.
Corrected a problem that certain content was not played at double speed.
Corrected a Play / Pause delay problem when playing sound source with album art.
Corrected a problem that the last line of certain SRT subtitles did not come out.

作者 GOMLab
官網 http://www.gomplayer.com