FlashFXP 5.4.0 build 3970

OpenSight Software LLC

FlashFXP是由OpenSight Software開發的FTP,FTPS與SFTP用戶端軟體。

  • 安全可靠且有效率,支援多語系,超過20種國際語言版本。
  • 在人機界面的設計上,十分的人性化,簡單易用,上傳及下載都十分方便。
  • 另外提供可攜版本。
  • 使用FlashFXP可以用來出版或維護您的網站,上傳及下載各式各樣的檔案,如文件、圖檔、影片、音樂等等。
  • 也可以用來備份您的檔案對遠端機器上去。
  • 與您的親友及同事分享您的檔案或文件。

檔案版本 FlashFXP 5.4.0 build 3970
檔案名稱 FlashFXP54_3970_Setup.exe
檔案大小 7.69MB
系統 Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 商業試用
更新日期 2017-04-03

Added a new Character Encoding setting "Strict character encoding" in the Site Manager / Options tab. When checked, FlashFXP will not attempt to detect UTF-8 mixed with non-UTF-8 text. On servers that do not use UTF-8 certain character encodings may incorrectly detect as UTF-8 and as a result garble the text, checking this setting can avoid the issue. We have seen this issue on Xlight FTP server software when using the character encoding Chinese Simplified (GBK/GB2312)
Fixed: A slow performance startup issue under a remote terminal session when the window state was maximized.
Change: When running under a remote terminal session we've reduced the amount of memory allowed to be allocated for remote directory caching. The original memory allocation limit was calculated based on a desktop PC and now we a different method for server environments to make FlashFXP more server resource friendly.
The crash report dialog is now dpi-aware.
Updated SecureBlackBox library.
Fixed: In a site profile if the login type was previously set to "Key based" and then changed to "Normal" the previously saved key was still used during authentication and before the password authentication. Now the key authentication is not attempted.

作者 OpenSight Software LLC
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