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  • 可從硬碟、記憶卡、USB隨身碟……等儲存媒介中救回被誤刪除的檔案。
  • 可從被格式化的硬碟中救回檔案。
  • 徹底掃描每個扇區(包含已損壞的磁軌),以進行最大限度的追蹤。
  • 簡單明朗的操作介面:左窗格顯示掃瞄數據、右窗格顯示恢復的檔案。

檔案版本 DiskDigger
檔案名稱 diskdigger.zip
檔案大小 580KB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 共享軟體
更新日期 2019-01-04

This month's update to DiskDigger for Windows is all about performance, stability, and reliability. When it comes to recovering your data, DiskDigger is more dependable than ever, thanks to these improvements:
Better fault tolerance against drives that have errors, e.g. bad sectors, controller malfunctions, etc. The program will respond to a wider range of errors, and will allow you to continue past the error, or stop and recover any files that it has found so far.
Steamlined disk access and caching, which allows for optimized performance when scanning and recovering files.
Improved efficiency when recovering certain types of files, including .JPG, .DOC, and .ZIP.

作者 Dmitry Brant
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