CudaText 1.75.4


CudaText 1.75.4


+ add: UI tabs: round X mark on mouse-over
+ add: HTML color underlining supports "hsl", "hsla" functions
- fix: issue with highlighting in e.g. Bash lexer
- fix: cannot set none-lexer after lite lexer
- fix: corrupted config "history files.json" for Unicode file names (Windows)
- fix: one-instance feature cannot handle Unicode file names (Windows)

版本下載:CudaText 1.75.4

CudaText 1.75.0


+ add: much improved memory usage by lexer engine (1.5...1.8 less memory on 2M+ size files)
+ add: much improved scrolling speed on big files with lexer (3M+ size)
+ add: preinstalled plugin "Snippet Panel"
+ add: TreeHelpers are handled by built-in code, and CudaTree plugin is obsolete - you must remove it (later plugin will be removed from Addon Manager)
* change: during text/folding change, editor is repainted more often, this helps to solve issue when command "Fold all" doesn't update screen
+ add: lexer C improved: better code-tree

版本下載:CudaText 1.75.0



+ add: API to allow 2 files in a single tab. This is big help for Differ plugin. Big internal changes for this.
+ add: API to allow "background passive bookmarks". This is help for Differ plugin.
+ add: command "Settings - default/user" opens 2 files in a single tab
+ add: Addon Manager: if plugin folder is Git repo, Update dialog shows its version as "Git" and runs "git pull" when updating this plugin
+ add: Addon Manager: command "Install from Github" improved: now it suggests to clone Git repo or download it
* change: bookmarks render on minimap, while custom attribs (Editor.attr) do not render


CudaText 1.73.0


+ add: preinstalled plugin "Sort".
+ add: added toolbar sub-menu with "Change case" actions
+ add: added toolbar sub-menu with "Comment/Uncomment" actions.
+ add: added toolbar sub-menu with "Sort" actions.
+ add: speedup rendering when lot of color-attributes (Editor.attr) added.
* change: history file now stores percent sizes of groups, not pixel sizes (sizes history will reset one time).

- fix: autocompletion: disabled auto-show inside comments/strings; other issues.
- fix: all installed plugins (400+ command items) gave misfunction.
- fix: clicking tab on inactive group must focus it.
- fix: rare crash on dragging scrollbar (Windows).

+ add: lexer JavaScript improved: BigInt, underscore in numbers.
+ add: lexer Markdown improved: speedup.
+ add: lexer reStructuredText improved: many fixes.
+ add: lexer C++ improved: support ## in ident name.

版本下載:CudaText 1.73.0

CudaText 1.72.0


Command "folding: fold block at current line" allows caret inside all block lines (not only block start).
Option "find_show_extract", allows to hide Extract button.
API (gaps improved).
Deleted 3 commands "folding: fold range....", because they were duplicated by commands "folding: fold block...."
Caret pos after commands "scroll line up/down" was wrong sometimes.
Trying to fix Linux/Mac issue when caret stops blinking sometimes.

Lexer removed to addons: C#
Lexer removed to addons: Perl.
Lexer removed to addons: Tcl.
Lexer removed to addons: Haskell.
Lexer removed to addons: Apache config.
Lexer removed to addons: Delphi resources.
Lexer Python improved: fix numbers with "_"
Lexer Bash improved: highlight keywords in separate style; highlight func names, "-params"; highlight half of symbols in new style.
Lexer Ruby improved: disabled regex rule (temporary?); fixed heredoc rule; highlight "par:" and ":par"; highlight octals/decimals; highlight more std funcs.
Lexer C# improved: highlight modifiers in separate style; add 'await'/'async'.
Lexers C, C++ fixed.

版本下載:CudaText 1.72.0



Add: Dialog Find has new Extract button: it finds all matches in RegEx mode and puts them to a new document (plugin Extract Strings also does this).
Add: Addon Manager "Update" dialog can update also lexers/themes/translations.
Add: If curly brackets {} typed and caret is inside them, Enter makes additional indented line between brackets (uses option "indent_size").
Add: In the list of recent files, paths are shorted with ~ char (for home folder).
Add: Option "find_hotkey_extract".
Change: Addon Manager doesn't support versions in old files v.inf
Fix: Reworked dragging of Minimap's highlighted; now it must feel like Sublime.
Fix: Bug in Option Editor (leads to saving to lexer-specific config).

Add: Lexer C improved: highlight more keyword groups.
Add: Lexer C++ improved: more std words; support hex&floating numbers.
Add: Lexer CSS improved: more std words; better highlight @media; highlight units after number.
Add: Lexer XML improved: handle incorrect comment endings.




Smooth per-pixel scrolling in editor; it can be disabled by option "smooth_scroll".
Option "undo_persistent" (disabled by default), which allows to keep Undo/Redo data in files, in .cudatext folder near original file.
Dialog Go To supports "+" at end of text to select to entered position (like SynWrite "Extend selection").
On saving file in 1-byte encoding, app checks that Unicode text can be converted to this encoding, and if it cannot, app saves file in UTF-8.
Tooltips for UI tabs buttons (x, +, <, >, v).
Console panel highlights special lines (>>> and Python errors).
Console panel shows result of entered expressions (even without "=" prefix).
Output and Validate panels have context menu.
Option "ui_tab_show_x" has additional value (show "x" for mouse-over and active tabs).
Commands "focus group 1...6"
Menu items "Toggle statusbar"/"Toggle sidebar"/"Toggle toolbar" now save option to user.json

Changed default value of option "pylib__linux" to ""

Windows: flickering on start if window was maximized.

Add: Lexer JavaScript improved:
Show anonymous functions (...)=>{...} in code tree.
Highlight true/false/null/this/undefined in new color.
Highlight func/class names in new color.
Highlight HTML tags (needed for CSS-in-JS syntax).

Lexer Python improved: highlight func/class names.
Lexer Assembly improved: highlight more word groups, fix folding.

Lexer Ruby.
Lexer Bash.


CudaText 1.68.0


Option "ui_tab_variable_width", can set variable width tabs.
Option "ui_tab_size_x_max".
Option "ui_tab_show_x_size".
Too long UI tab captions are now truncated in the middle, by "…" char.
Linux: selection is auto-copied to OS Primary Selection (for max line count ~200). So plugin "Auto Copy to Clipboard" is almost not needed (it can copy to usual clipboard though).
Can continue column selection after multi-carets. After column selection made, then Shift+Right used (it converted column block to multi-carets), you can continue column selection by Shift+Alt+Down.
Plugin Multi Installer skips more error messages (about incompatible OS, API).
Command "Close and delete file" also works in picture viewer and binary/hex viewer.

Removed menu items "Help - Mouse usage", "Help - Lexers".

Most of app hotkeys didn't work in picture viewer (e.g. F1, Ctrl+Tab).
Windows: dialog positions on 2 monitors configuration.
macOS: Ctrl+click didn't call context menu in all places.
macOS: minimap didn't paint.

版本下載:CudaText 1.68.0

CudaText 1.67.0


Change: changed app subfolder in home folder:
Linux, FreeBSD: ~/.config/cudatext (or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/cudatext if variable set).
macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/CudaText.
Add: Much improved painting of minimap (spaces/tabs should paint correctly in multiline comments/strings, or in plain text).
Add: Localization of statusbar first cell (default values for ui_statusbar_* options are changed).
Add: Option "staples_props".
Add: Option "ui_menu_show".
Add: Option "ui_statusbar_show".
Add: Option "ui_toolbar_show".
Add: Command "ui: toggle sidebar".
Add: Option "autocomplete_commit_chars" (like VS Code).
Add: Option "ui_statusbar_panels" can specify auto-sized cells; default is changed for this.
Add: Menu item "View - Toggle sidebar".
Add: File Types config has default entry to detect XML by signature.
Add: Option "autocomplete_add_opening_bracket" now doesn't insert bracket if it's already in text.
Add: UI theme color "block staples, for caret" (default is "none").
Add: Lexer Ruby much improved.
Change: Deleted option "staples_indent".
Change: Deleted option "ruler_text_indent".
Change: History file don't store visible state of toolbar/statusbar/menubar, these are options in user.json now.
Fix: Rendering artifacts in Bash lexer on fast editing.
Fix: Freezing by NN sec in big file, if pressing (Ctrl+A, Del) during lexer parsing.

版本下載:CudaText 1.67.0

CudaText 1.66.0


Add: statusbar have tooltips.
Add: dialog "Go to": can enter absolute decimal offset (d1000) or hex offset (xFF00).
Add: dialog "Go to": title shows detailed hint.
Add: deepest block staple, containing first caret, is highlighted (like VS Code).
Change: removed 5 unprinted_ options ("unprinted_spaces", "unprinted_spaces_trailing", "unprinted_ends", "unprinted_end_details", "unprinted_end_arrow").
Add: single option instead of deleted ones: "unprinted_content", and it has new sub-option to show unprinted spaces/tabs only at begin/end of lines.
Add: option "wrap_mode" has new possible value "wrap at minimum of window edge / margin" (like VS Code).
Add: if many zip files opened via "File - Open file", they install silently, reported only count of zip files.
Add: for horizontal scrollbar, app adds 4 spaces after longest line (before: was 1, VS Code has 5).
Add: assigned hotkeys Shift+Enter, Shift+BkSp (same as Enter, BkSp).
Add: checking/warning for outdated files/dirs of CudaText, which should be removed by user.
Change: end-of-line marks changed to "LF", "CRLF", "CR".
Change: encoding names "cpNNNN" changed to lower case.
Change: removed option "newdoc_eol", instead added option "newdoc_ends" with new possible value Auto.
Change: removed encoding aliases "ANSI", "OEM", now app uses/shows direct names only.
Change: removed 2 commands for "ANSI" encoding alias.
Change: removed option "unprinted_end_dot_scale".
Change: removed option "ui_statusbar_tabsize".
Change: separate config file "plugin groups.json" not used, instead used section "plugin_groups" in user.json.
Change: separate config file "filetypes.json" not used, instead used sections "detect"/"detect_line" in user.json.
Change: plugin Multi Installer: removed options to make menu groups.
Fix: plugin Show Unsaved Changes failed on Rus text in "ANSI" encoding (one of reasons to remove aliases).
Fix: command "Invert selection" gave redundant carets at text begin/end.

版本下載:CudaText 1.66.0

CudaText 1.64.2


Add: New options for caret shape: "caret_view", "caret_view_ovr", "caret_view_ro"
Add: Caret shape(s) can have height bigger than full cell, e.g. 140%
Change: Deleted options "caret_shape", "caret_shape_ovr", "caret_shape_ro"
Add: Improved lexer Markdown (highlighted math blocks, table chars; fixed definition lists)

版本下載:CudaText 1.64.2

CudaText 1.64.0


File-types config allows to detect lexer by first line of text. See details in the wiki.
Option "ui_listbox_centered", allows to place menu dialogs (e.g. Command Palette) on screen center.
Option "ui_console_compact", allows narrow layout of bottom panels.
Improved auto-closing of brackets, it works if next char is one of ;:.,=>
App detects missed elements in old color themes, and shows it in console, on loading theme.
Dialog "Go to" ignores letter chars.
Command "settings: font size: bigger"
Command "settings: font size: smaller"
Lexer Markdown improved (<kbd> content highlighted, fixed rule for strikeout text).
Deleted deprecated command "Restore lexer styles"; you can delete old "settings/lexer styles backup.ini"
Deleted option "log_debug"
Deleted option "ui_float_groups_in_taskbar"
Deleted option "comment_full_line_if_no_sel"
Fixes for non-blinking caret.

版本下載:CudaText 1.64.0

CudaText 1.59.2


Add: Code Tree filter: save filter (with dropdown list) to session.
Add: theme color "treeview, selected BG, not focused"; allows to see if Code Tree focused.
Change: deleted option "lexer_line_separators".
Fix: on opening session, closing all tabs with confirmation was not correct.
Fix: API for tab groups.

版本下載:CudaText 1.59.2

CudaText 1.58.2


Add: Code Tree has additional filter field.
Add: option "ui_tree_filter_layout".
Add: more Unicode "white space" characters are shown in hex form.
Add: find/replace with regular expressions: "w" supports all Unicode word letters.
Add: API.
Add: command line parameter -nh (no history).
Add: command line parameter -z (open in viewer).
Add: command "code tree: go to block for current node".
Add: command "code tree: go to block for current node, and select".
Add: on file opening, syntax colored text appears faster.
Add: on deleting lexer, its files .acp and .cuda-lexmap are also deleted.
Add: Project Manager option "Use 'preview tab' on item clicking".
Add: Addon Manager now deletes most of its temporary files (please delete old folders cudatext_NNNNN in temp dir).
Add: option "centering_width" now has effect only with "One group" mode.
Change: option "ui_statusbar_tabsize" changed its default, now it supports app translation.
Change: action "Set tab color" saves its settings not to user.json (please cleanup your user.json from *palette* keys).
Change: command line parameters: long keys variants are removed, only short ones left.
Change: option "newdoc_eol" now affects Windows only (it's "Unix EOL" on Unix).
Change: deleted option "ui_statusbar_wrap".
Change: deleted option "ui_tree_show_lines".
Change: deleted option "ui_tree_cache".
Fix: minor UI fixes.
Fix: Unix: support Python 3.7.
Fix: Windows: support UNC filenames with "single instance".
Fix: lexer JSON (string rule).
Fix: group-mode commands *vert/*horz were swapped, if Config Menu plugin was used; you need to correct menu config for plugin.

版本下載:CudaText 1.58.2

CudaText 1.57.0


Add: preinstall plugin Options Editor (by @kvichans). And it can be updated in AddonManager as usual.
Add: improve lexer JSON (different color for string before ":").
Add: improve lexer Pascal (code tree for nested class of 1 level).
Add: improve lexer Assembly (hilite labels, show labels in Code Tree, hilite dec/binary numbers with suffix).

版本下載:CudaText 1.57.0