Clean Space

Clean Space 7.31

Mathew Limdonholk

Clean Space 7.31


With this update we are withdrawing the New Year style, which was with you for past few weeks. But don't worry, for next year we will do something else! But till that time we will put this style in the box. By the way, we like this idea, and for spring time we will provide you a new image, so you wont be bored with our program.

Also, according request from third-party we making some changes to the legal part of the program. Some documents on the site and in the program will be updated to meet reality. There is no problems with the program itself, but just one of the statements at our site has been expired and was not removed ontime.

Fixed a bug when you can see blue splash screen during program load which blocks the entire program.

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Clean Space 7.30


This version will bring you some magic of a New Year... We dont want to describe details of changes, but you will see it by your own eyes. This change will bring you some good mood while using our program ;)

版本下載:Clean Space 7.30

Clean Space 7.29


This release improves the speed of cleaning process. We made some changes to the cleaning scripts that should effect in 10-20% increase of speed during cleanup of registry. On some computers the program will work even faster, it depends on many factors. For example, if you have running antivirus, the speed will be dramatically slow, thats why we recommend to add our program to exceptions list to try the real speed. Anyway, this update is recommended for all users.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.29

Clean Space 7.28


We are continue improving our program and in this release we are introducing support for cleaning electronic garbage in several new browsers which you may have installed.
Added support for Brave browser.
Added support for CyberFox browser.
Added support for SeaMonkey browser.
Added support for QupZilla browser.
Added support for QtWeb browser.
Added support for Citrio browser.
Few bugs fixed.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.28

Clean Space 7.27


This update includes several minor improvements, recommended for installation for all users.
Design improved. Our program got new fresh look.
Advertising links were removed! Have you noticed few links in the program with helpful articles about different topics? They are deleted now. We decided to clean interface of the program and leave only important things. If you need some intresting information - do search on Google, but let our app do its job only.
Removed link for voting about our program (tell us the true).
Few bug fixes.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.27

Clean Space 7.24


This release is a high security measure.
Update some security algorithms which is related to deletion of electronic garbage.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.24

Clean Space 7.23


Improved cleaning in Windows 10 (version 1803). There was an issue with cleaning recent files list, this issue has been fixed.
You can specify your own name of restore point.
Added checkbox to close programs during cleanup which shows explicit action. You will not be confused anymore.
Other minor changes requested by our users.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.23

Clean Space 7.22


Improved cleaning in Thunderbird. Now history of recently used email addresses separated from common history. You will see additional checkbox for that area. Few users asked us not to delete collected addresses in bulk with the other history.
Improved cleaning of temporary files. Now, annoying folder "Tempzxpsign" which appears in Local folder will be deleted too, because its a garbage that placed in a wrong place. Just check option "Temporary files and folders" under Windows OS list.
Added cleaning of cache in "Google Earth" program.
Added cleaning of WaterFox browser, another clone of FireFox.
Added cleaning of log files and cache in "IObit Uninstaller" program.
Added cleaning of cache and history in VirtualDJ program.
Added cleaning of garbage in "Pale Moon" browser (another clone of FireFox).
Improved user interface for cleaner view: removed progress image from the progress screen, remove advertising from the main screen, improved stats on the main screen, increased size of main buttons on the main screen.
Added quick link in the program settings to access Windows System Restore interface.
Added support for "Autodesk Pixlr" image editor, from now on you can delete history of recently used elements.
Added support for FastStone Image Viewer, also, you can delete history of recently used folders.
Added support for GIMP 2, image editing software, you can delete history of activity and information about recent session.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.22

Clean Space 7.21


Added support for WhatsApp Desktop.
Added support for PhotoScape.
Added support for DriverEasy.
Added support for DriverBooster.
Revised and improved procedure to create Restore Points.
Other minor changes to the code.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.21

Clean Space 7.20


Small update that includes some code cleaning and improvements.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.20

Clean Space 7.19


Added support for security TLS version 1.2.
Added security patch for updates.
Cleaning of cache of windows update improved.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.19

Clean Space 7.17


CleanSpace is powerful professional level software designed to completely rid your computer of all your electronic digital garbage and protect your online privacy. "Improving computer performance is one of the primary goals of our program," say its creators. Having used the professional version for the last month or so, we have no reason to doubt that statement.

The more you use your computer the more random garbage your computer collects. Your computer's garbage includes a lot of objects like cache, temporary files of various programs, internet cookie files, internet browsing history, logs, index.dat files, registry entries, and even Windows itself. Typically, these objects are scattered throughout your computer, more often than not, hidden system folders.

Over the years, this can clog up your system and slow Windows right down to a crawl, and wasting gigabytes of precious disk space in the process.

CleanSpace can safely and easily get rid of all that above junk with just a click of a button, enabling your Windows and all your other programs to run more efficiently. CleanSpace also makes sure that nobody will ever be able to track your past on-line activity. CleanSpace claims that all the deleted data is completely unrecoverable, so physically at least, your computer will stay secure, even if it gets hacked.

CleanSpace also does a really good job or removing all the browser cookies that websites use to track you online, which is nice.

According CleanSpace, once it's through with your machine, even special magnets and the FBI would not be able to restore deleted data.

The interface for CleanSpace is sleek, modern and user friendly. Installation is simple, and using the software is straightforward and easy to master. But you don't have to take our word for it. CleanSpace has received multiple industry awards, and is highly rated among security bloggers.

Overall, if you are looking to keep your history your history and not anyone elses, and clean up all the junk and unnecessary files on your computer, you could do a lot worse than CleanSpace.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.17

Clean Space 7.16


Win professional version! During installation or update of the program you can win professional version. This promotional campaign have no expiration date yet, thus you can be the owner of professional version for a long time! And it's for free! Every time you install or update our programs - you taking part in this lottery. If you won, you will be notified by message on the Desktop. You will not need to provide any credit cards, no personal information needed.
New interface for general preferences of the program.
Translation of detailed listing of areas for cleaning.
You will notice new links to helpful articles on the web.
Fixed bug: some supported languages was missing from the list.
Fixed bug: empty window can appear after closing the program.
Notification about professional version will be displayed less ofter, we don't want to annoy you.
Other minor changes to the code.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.16

Clean Space 7.15


Fixed problem when each folder display settings was restored to defaults.
Added translation of the list with areas for cleaning. Currently to one language, but other languages will be added in next release.
Added cleaning of cache of Cortana.
Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 Camera (cache of recent thumbnails of videos).
Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 News.
Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 Mail (cache of messages and attachments).
Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 Photos (cache of thumbnails).
Added cleaning of cache of Apple Software Update. It's not selected by default because will restart their installer for few seconds. However, you can remove a lot of garbage, in our tests there was over 1 Gig of cached files.
Starting from this version we collect less anonymous statistics about usage of our programs. Privacy improved.
Installation of updates will now have express settings, you won't need to pass every step in the installer again. You will see this change when you'll upgrade from version 7.15 to 7.16.
Greek translations has been updated, thanks to our volunteer
Few other small bugs fixed.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.15

Clean Space 7.14


Default tabs which was made in previous version in the settings area. They look ugly and in this release we have replaced them with our own look and style. Just click "Settings" button on the main screen and you will see new nice screen.
The program window became wide for 50 pixels more. This was made to let you see all texts in the "Details" section, without truncating.
Notification about upgrade to Professional version will appear less often. We don't want to annoy you with it.
New option in the settings: you can turn on or off error report, which you can see after cleanup. In most cases these error reports was about files which are currently in use. And there is nothing you can do about it.
Quotes translated to greek language (automatic translation, sorry!).
Added support for Total Commander (thumbnail cache).
Few other small bugs fixed.

版本下載:Clean Space 7.14