Clean Space

Clean Space 7.33

Mathew Limdonholk

Clean Space 7.15


Fixed problem when each folder display settings was restored to defaults.
Added translation of the list with areas for cleaning. Currently to one language, but other languages will be added in next release.
Added cleaning of cache of Cortana.
Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 Camera (cache of recent thumbnails of videos).
Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 News.
Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 Mail (cache of messages and attachments).
Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 Photos (cache of thumbnails).
Added cleaning of cache of Apple Software Update. It's not selected by default because will restart their installer for few seconds. However, you can remove a lot of garbage, in our tests there was over 1 Gig of cached files.
Starting from this version we collect less anonymous statistics about usage of our programs. Privacy improved.
Installation of updates will now have express settings, you won't need to pass every step in the installer again. You will see this change when you'll upgrade from version 7.15 to 7.16.
Greek translations has been updated, thanks to our volunteer
Few other small bugs fixed.

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Clean Space 7.14


Default tabs which was made in previous version in the settings area. They look ugly and in this release we have replaced them with our own look and style. Just click "Settings" button on the main screen and you will see new nice screen.
The program window became wide for 50 pixels more. This was made to let you see all texts in the "Details" section, without truncating.
Notification about upgrade to Professional version will appear less often. We don't want to annoy you with it.
New option in the settings: you can turn on or off error report, which you can see after cleanup. In most cases these error reports was about files which are currently in use. And there is nothing you can do about it.
Quotes translated to greek language (automatic translation, sorry!).
Added support for Total Commander (thumbnail cache).
Few other small bugs fixed.

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Clean Space 7.13


Added free SDelete tool.
In the left part of the list you'll see grayed and colored icons. Grayed icon means: no garbage. Colored icon means: that there is some garbage. Just one look and you know where is the garbage.
Now you will see "working" icon in front of each area which is currently being processed.
Long descriptions will be truncated, but you will see popup window with full information about every cleaned area.
Added new security algorithms for data deletion: USA air_force 5020 and CPRNG.
Corrected bug with the encoding during submission of feedback.
Procedures on the program startup was optimized. Startup of the program should be quicker.
Corrected problem with empty window which may appear after closing our program.
Many other small bugs fixed.

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Clean Space 7.11


Added 3 very strong algorithms for data deletion: GOST R 50739-95, RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, Schneider. These are very popular algorithms in the industry and they are used by many our competitors.
Improved cleaning of Windows OS: now you can delete system restore points (only when program started with administrative privileges). Hey, it's wise not to use this option with the next new function.
You can now create new System Restore Point automatically before launching deletion process. In case something will go wrong you can roll back to previous state. You can find this setting in the preferences of the program. It works only when the program started with administrative privileges.
Menu of Tray Agent will now list all supported programs.
In the menu of Tray Agent you can access a new option to calculate garbage in the selected program, results will appear as standard popup notification of Windows OS.
In the menu of Tray Agent you can choose to monitor some program on your computer and get reminders when you close it. This is convenient when you want to delete garbage in the app after you're done with it. You can choose amount of minutes to let program work before you get notification about it.
Fixed bug: when running some program it may be cleaned by our program, which should not be.
Quote of the day will appear in different languages.
Added new link to rate our program, you will see it at the final step, after deletion process. Click the link "Tell us the truth".
Other good small improvements to the code.

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