FileHippo App Manager 歷史版本資訊

FileHippo App Manager

FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 4


FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 4


This version has a lot of 'under the hood' fixes:
- Vast improvement in how communication errors are handled
- Better handling of file download errors
- Improved installer
- Improved how settings are preserved when doing an upgrade from a previous version
- Improved how the data for installed applications is collected
- Fixed a bug with custom scan locations, where setting Intelliscan didn't work correctly
- Fixed a bug with proxy passwords not being saved
- Fixed a bug with saving proxy address/username
- Fixed some Windows 10 specific issues
- Fixed a bug which sometimes greyed out the 'Ignore' button for certain updates
- Fixed a bug which sometimes shows a notification popup for 0 updates
- Display options are now saved between scans and remembered after a reboot
- Various other minor bug fixes.

版本下載:FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 4

FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 2


Thank you for all your comments, emails and feedback! We haven't managed to include everything yet, but we're working on it. Here are the main changes in this version:

- Fixed an error which gave a 'Failed Scan' to some users
- Fixed some scanning errors on older operating systems
- Fixed some scanning errors on specific cultures/languages
- Added ability to customise the path where downloads are saved
- Added a prompt to configure scheduled scanning
- Fixed a bug with setting 'Display Options' during a scan
- Fixed various bugs with the notifications when the App Manager is minimized to the tray.

版本下載:FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 2

FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 1


Where do we start?
- Complete new user interface
- Improvements to the scan engine
- Much improved error handling
- Added display of installed programs
- Added ability to download and install updates within the app
- Added in-app display of updates
- Added scheduled scan feature

版本下載:FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 1

DriverView 1.46


- Fixed to display the correct driver version on Windows 10.

版本下載:DriverView 1.46

FileHippo App Manager 1.47


- Fixed minor bug with error reporting
- Fixed bug showing VLC twice in results list for some users
- Fixed NullReference error seen by some users

版本下載:FileHippo App Manager 1.47

FileHippo App Manager 1.46


- Minor bug fixes
- Added auto-update functionality, so you will be notified of new versions
- Additional programs are now supported for update detection
- Improved error and crash reporting

版本下載:FileHippo App Manager 1.46

FileHippo App Manager 1.45


Improved error handling and reporting, especially around invalid proxy configurations.
Added functionality to test proxy settings.
Added digital signature to installer and executable.
Fixed some minor UI bugs.
Additional programs now detected, more to come soon!

版本下載:FileHippo App Manager 1.45

FileHippo App Manager 1.44


- Fixed bug in 'Customise Results' window, causing error when loading data
- Fixed bug in 'Settings' window, causing 'Show All Programs...' option not to be remembered.

版本下載:FileHippo App Manager 1.44

FileHippo App Manager 1.43


- Application renamed to FileHippo App Manager
- Added error reporting
- Fixed 'input string was not in a correct format' bug
- Fixed bug which caused program to close as soon as it finished scanning
- Improved error handling

Please note: If you installed version 1.042, you will need to manually reconfigure your settings. This was due to a bug which has now been addressed, and is specially relevant if you had a proxy configured.

版本下載:FileHippo App Manager 1.43

FileHippo Update Checker 1.041


Several minor bug fixes.
Icons updated.

版本下載:FileHippo Update Checker 1.041

Norton AntiVirus


- Resolved the lost Internet connection when installing Norton on Windows 8
- Fixed issue where a New Folder is created in outlook whenever outlook is opened with Norton Anti-Spam enabled
- Resolved the error seen when trying to open Support page through NAV Main UI

版本下載:Norton AntiVirus

FileHippo Update Checker 1.040


- Added support for: Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

版本下載:FileHippo Update Checker 1.040

FileHippo Update Checker 1.039


- Three new languages: German, French and Italian.

版本下載:FileHippo Update Checker 1.039

Process Explorer 15.13


- A Task Manager replacement
- Merges Autoruns functionality by adding a new Autostart Location column and property to the process and DLL views that indicates where an image is configured to automatically start or load.
- It also adds .NET stack walking support to the thread stack dialog
- Adds a process timeline column that graphically depicts a process’s lifetime relative other processes
- Uses the Windows 8 private ETW logger which enables better coexistence with other ETW-based tools

版本下載:Process Explorer 15.13

FileHippo Update Checker 1.038


- Improved for .NET 4.0 compatibility.

版本下載:FileHippo Update Checker 1.038